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Agriculture Minimun temperature

Prediction of minimum temperature and frost damage by NET RADIOMETER

07/01/2013 Autor: DELTA OHM
Agriculture minimum temperature
Prediction of minimum temperature and frost damage is a common method and important application in the field of agriculture like outdoors crop growth. In particular those areas where vegetation can be exposed to low temperatures, frost can be disastrous for young vegetation or fruits.
When the IR net radiation can be measured with the LP Net 14 four
component net radiometer in combination with the absolute temperature at a crop field, excessive cooling can be predicted at an early stage. In this case adequate measures can be taken to prevent crop damage by frost.
Heat loss measurements inside a greenhouse is a similar application to
control the temperature of the crop. When the IR radiation exchange is
measured with a pyrgeometer, special screens can be closed when
temperature are expected to drop rapidly. LP NET 14 is a 4-component
net-radiometer for the measurement of the net radiation between 0.3ƒÊm and 45ƒÊm. The net-radiometer consists of two pyranometers (one for the
measurement of the global radiation Esw¬Ā¬ę and the other one for the
measurement of the reflected solar radiation Esw¬Ā¬™) and a pair of
pyrgeometers (one for the measurement of the infrared radiation emitted by the sky EFIR¬Ā¬ę and the other one for the infrared emitted by the ground
surface EFIR¬Ā¬™). The LP NET 14 is equipped with a temperature sensor (NTC).
The measurement of the temperature is needed for the measurement with the two pyrgeometers, in fact, the far infrared is derived by measuring the
thermopile output and by the knowledge of the instrument¬Āfs temperature.
The net radiometer is suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions and
requires little maintenance.