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Información general de Solvika Peat Moss - PEATMOSS.LT

Dirección: - Lithuania

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Descripción de la empresa Solvika Peat Moss - PEATMOSS.LT

JSC SOLVIKA is a Baltic Peat Moss manufacturer and supplier based in Lithuania, Europe. Our goal is to supply best quality Baltic Sphagnum Peat Moss to professional growers, gardeners and landscape specialist in all Europe, Middle East, Asia and other places worldwide by sea or truck transport. We have even 3 productions places, so we can offer you full range of peat moss products (natural peat moss and individual mixes) in affordable prices.

Please feel free to contact us by Phone: 00 370 655 99 111 (sales) or E-mail: export @ for technical information, current supply ability and prices on all our products or visit our website for more information: