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Bicheng Enterprise Company

Información general de Bicheng Enterprise Company

Dirección: - China

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Descripción de la empresa Bicheng Enterprise Company

Bicheng Enterprise Company specizlises in every kinds of aluminum based/ copper based / iron based PCB and its related research in cooling dissipation. LED products as the lead guidance, we also introduce new aluminum materials into market, serving the industries and fields of lighting, electronics, mechanical and communications and other electronic equipment which have the cooling requirement.

It includes:
1) Single sided, double sided and multi layer.
2) 1-3W/MK thermal conductivity.
3) Insulated Metal Substrate(IMS PCB) and Metal Core PCB(MCPCB)
4) Heavy copper to 3oz
5) Proceeding thickness: 0.4-6.0mm thick
6) Plate through hole (PTH¡Ý20¦Ìm)
7) BGA, Impedance control
8) V-Groove, Punch, CNC rout
9) Long strips, composite aluminum
10) ENIG, HASL, OSP and Immersion tin
11) Other material(upon request):
Bergquist, Laird, Japanese Nippon Rika Kogyosho(NRK), Polytronics