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Agroexpo- Agriculture
Institución Ferial de Extremadura - FEVAL | Don Benito (Badajoz) - España
from 30/01/2016 until 02/02/2016
Public: Profesional
Feria Internacional del Suroeste Ibérico







AGROEXPO, Southwest Iberian Fair is ratified as an exponent Iberian agriculture, proving once again the high degree of estimation enjoying sector nationally and internationally.


AGROEXPO has Tomatec - Tomato Hall, which hosts the exhibition of the most advanced technologies and services for the processing of the product, as well as all the machinery and equipment needed for production. This call provides a valuable professional contribution to the exhibition, in Extremadura necessary, given the high rates of production and quality in the sector.


Overlapping dates held simultaneously OLIVAC - Iberian Lounge Olivar Olive and Olive Oil where companies gather supplies, products and equipment related to the production and marketing, and HORTOFRUTEC. - Hall of horticulture, fruit and applied technology, where a year, will be a meeting of the latest technologies in equipment, sorting, packaging, labeling, etc.. In addition, this sample is supplemented with the latest products, equipment and production techniques.


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