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Do you have any doubt about how the GuíaVerde works? You don’t know how to use any of its functions? Are you new on GuíaVerde? ... Then we recommend you to consult this site; it will dispel your doubts. If you cannot find the right answer, just ask us through this form.




What can I find in the GuíaVerde?

In the GuíaVerde you will find the biggest directory of gardening and ornamental horticulture companies and products in Spain and Portugal. You could follow the news of the green sector in the news section and the actualized event programme of the sector. Besides, our platform contains a garden, terrace and interior plants guide with more than 3.000 references, all of them with pictures, descriptions and the most relevant characteristics.

Do I have to register myself to use GuíaVerde?

It is not necessary because anonymous users can consult all available information on the platform. However, if you register yourself (for free), you will have much more options to make the most out of the GuíaVerde. For instance, you could comment news, events and plants, share your plant pictures or value products… Moreover, you will have a private control panel, where you could easily save your companies, products, events and favourite plants. You will also have an intern mailbox to contact with GuíaVerde companies, send and receive estimates, ask for more information on a specific product...

Very important: if you want to publish your company and your products, you could only do it if you register first.


How can I register?

Remember that registering is for free… and really easy. You just have to click on the 'User Area' button (under the head), access the registration site and fill in the required data on the form called 'Register'. You should fill in at least the required fields, that is to say, the ones marked with an asterisk (*). And remember to write down your password and keep it so you can access the GuíaVerde as a registered user. Your e-mail is also really important and should work properly too, because once you send the form, you will receive an e-mail to that e-mail account with a link where you will have to click to complete the registration.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you just have to provide us with the e-mail address you used to register as a user. We will send you an e-mail with the new random password that you could change subsequently.

How can I publish my company?

Creating a company in the GuíaVerde is also for free. The first thing that you have to do is register yourself (see previous section). After that, you just have to log in to your e-mail account and access the private control panel. Having done that, click on 'Publish your company' in the left column.

Before publishing your company, you should check that the company hasn't been registered in the GuíaVerde yet. To do that, you can use the form, filling in the name, country and province where it is located. If your company is not to be found on the result list, you can create it.

First of all, insert the head office of your company and locate it on the Google map. You can also add a postal address. After that, insert the company general data on the tab called 'General Information'. There you can also write a general description of the company, add the brands your work with, sort out your activity in different subsectors and upload the logotype and up to 2 pictures of your installations, as well as upload products on you catalogue area.


What can I do if my company already exists in GuíaVerde?

Many of the GuíaVerde companies come form the COSAGRO Directory, so it may occur that your company has already been published. In that case, you should register as a user and access your private control panel. Once there, click on 'Publish your company'. Insert the name of your company and chose the country and the province on the form 'Verify Company'. Once you click on 'Search', a list with the possible matching companies will pop up. If your company is on the list, click on 'My Company'. The GuíaVerde team will verify that you are an authorized person to administer the company on the platform and we will proceed to activate your company record in your user account. From that moment on, you could start updating your business data and publishing your products and services.


How can I publish products?

To publish products, you should have created your company (see previous section). Access your control panel and click on the button 'My Company' on the left column, and the on the tab 'Product Catalogue' on the central area. If you are a free company, you could also publish up to 3 products. But if you turn into a GV Plus company, you could have an unlimited catalogue.

You can add the name of every product, its description, 5 key words that define it and a picture of it, as well as classifying it in the predefined categories. Don’t forget to fill in the key words: they are really important because they will allow users reach your product. The GV Plus companies can also publish their PDF catalogues.

Note: if you cannot find an appropriate category to classify your product, send us a proposal to contenidos@guiaverde.com and we will study its incorporation.


How will users be able to find my company and my products?

Users can look for companies and products using different search criteria: geography (country, province or town), name of the company or product, activity (nursery, gardening centres, garden furniture…) or key words (seeds, cuttings, fertilizers...).

When a user makes a search, the system finds out the matching companies and products with the search criteria and offers them as results. To position the results and decide which ones will pop up first and which one will pop up last, the system uses an algorithm which 'awards' companies with the highest activity on the platform, giving more importance to the companies with actualized and completed data, to the ones that have published more products, pictures, press releases and events, to the ones that have had more visits, etc. The key to get more visibility and stand out from the rivals is… Get everything out of all possibilities that GuíaVerde offers you!

Companies count moreover with another way of positioning their results on the first places to get more visibility and business possibilities. It is the prepaid GV Plus service (see last section). Companies contracting this service will be always positioned above free companies even though the latest have more activity on the platform.


What is the ""service?

GV Plus is the "premium" service for the companies in the GuíaVerde. Companies which contract this service are able to stand out from free companies and become more attractive for potential customers. These are some of the advantages:

"" Positioning your company on one of the first search results

"" Prominent reference to your company in the free company records, as a related company or as a company that has been automatically suggested by the system

"" Unlimited product catalogue

"" Sending promotions of your products to other GuíaVerde companies and users

"" Not advertising someone else on your company record and product records

"" No references to other companies and rival products on your company record

"" Having your own subdomain (http://mycompany.guiaverde.com)

"" Showing your videos

"" Publishing your own PDF product catalogue

"" Report with the statistics of your company activity on the platform

"" Discounts in other GuíaVerde advertising and marketing services

You will find more information on the Services for Companies site.


Which other means of promoting my company and my products are there?

Apart from the GV Plus service, your company can use other ways of promoting its products and services:

"" Graphic advertisement. Through integrated banners in the GuíaVerde web and in the electronic newsletters that we send to all users.

"" Prominent products. You can publish your products in the newsletters.

"" Personalized newsletters. You can send an exclusive advertising e-mail to all users in our data base.

You will find more information on the Services for Companies site.


What is product promotion?

Product promotion is one of the most interesting functions of the GV Plus service, because it allows sending offers of your products to users and companies of the GuíaVerde. For instance, you can publish a promotion to let potential customers know that you have a product with a great discount just for a couple of days. This way you can sell the products you have in stock.

Basically, the process of sending a promotion consists of choosing one of the available products on your GuíaVerde catalogue, defining the validity period of the offer, describing what the offer is about and choosing which group of users or companies you want to send it to (you can even sector the companies according to their activity). When you send a promotion, the addressee becomes it via e-mail and in their intern mailbox.

The option 'Publish Promotion' will appear on the left column of your control panel after having contracted the GV Plus service.


How does the mailbox work?

Only registered users can use this service. In the mailbox of your control panel you can find the messages you have either sent or received using the GuíaVerde platform. For instance, other users and companies could contact you accessing your company record and using the form 'Send a comment' that they will find on the right column. Once they’ve done it, you will immediately receive the contact request to your 'Inbox', and you will be able to answer them.

Don’t forget to check your mailbox periodically, because you might receive many business opportunities that you shouldn’t let go.


What are my favourites?

My favourites are personalized lists that allow registered users to save the most interesting contents they find while surfing the GuíaVerde. This way you won’t have to repeat searches in the future, because you just need to access them from your control panel. You can save your favourite companies, events or plants. You will find the option 'Add to Favourites' under the 'Options' bar any time you visualize a specific content.

How can I share some contents in the GuíaVerde?

GuíaVerde has lots of functions to share and spread contents, and interact with platform users. One of the most interesting functions for companies is the option 'Recommend my Company', that you will see on the left column of your control panel. With it you will be able to send a personalized text to 5 e-mail addresses, inviting them to discover your company in the GuíaVerde.

Other functions to share contents are 'Send to a Friend' and 'Share on Social Networks'. You will find them under the 'Options' bar any time you visualize a specific content.

Lastly, GuíaVerde allows you to comment news, events and plants. You can even upload your own plant pictures to interact with other platform users and discover people with your same interests and hobbies.

Only registered users have access to all these functions.


Can I publish my own news and corporative events?

Of course! When publishing your own company, you could access these options from your control panel. Remember that the more news and events you publish, the higher punctuation your company will get, and the better visibility it will have on the platform.

What are the technical articles?

The technical articles, available on the section 'Plants Guide', are quality articles that we publish about different aspects concerning gardening and plant nursery. You can also send us your own technical articles. If they are interesting enough, we will publish them in the GuíaVerde.

What does it mean to have an own subdomain?

GV Plus companies have an interesting function on the platform: form their private area, they can choose a name for a subdomain to access directly their company record. For instance, if you look for the company Floramedia España, you will see that when you get to its record the address in the navigator is http://www.guiaverde.com/empresas/floramedia_espana_3062. However, this GV Plus company has chosen «floramedia» as the name of its subdomain. It means that you could also access its record if you write directly on the navigation bar http://floramedia.guiaverde.com. It is like having an own website with your own name. You can use this address in your communications, visit cards, e-mail signatures, etc.